Bait Gun

Bait guns make it easy to administer bait from tubes, like roach baits. Repeated applications of bait from tubes using plungers can be hard on the hands. Professionals and those with multiple application sites rely on bait guns to make bait application more simple and faster.

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Multiple sizes available
Replacement plungers for roach and ant bait syringes.
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Professional bait gun that fits 27-30gm bait gel reservoirs
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A durable and easy to use precision gel bait applicator.
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A Maxforce bait gun extension.
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Precision bait gun that works with all ant and roach bait syringes
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Maxforce bait gun holster (holster only).
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Maxforce Belt for use with the Maxforce Bait Gun Kit. Does not come with holster or pouch.
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B&G Holster for Multi-Dose Bait Gun
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A blue bait gun that can be used with 30 gram reservoirs of gel bait tubes only.
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Maxforce pouch to be used with the Maxforce belt system.

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