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Mike from Chandler, Az writes

Best combination of product to spray foundation around house for scorpions

Looking for the best combination of product to mix and spray into the jtrim and foundation of homes in Arizona to treat and hopefully flood out the scorpions.


Our most popular product for scorpions is Cy-Kick CS, which is microencapsulated so it has a long residual, but also packs a punch.  There are many good reviews on the Cy-Kick page about how it works on scorpions. We also recommend the following to our customers with scorpions for the most complete treatment. Non-insecticide methods for scorpion control are: Harborage Removal- Harborage removal is key to scorpion control and will greatly reduce the numbers of scorpions in the area surrounding the structure, making it far less likely that they will enter. Harborage removal includes eliminating piles of lumber, bricks, and other stacked items that create clusters of tight spaces, elimination of vegetation and other heavy ground coverings near homes and buildings, trimming back tree and shrub limbs from walls and roof, and keeping gutters clear of leaves and other debris. Exclusion- Scorpions and other pests can be kept out of structures to a large degree by installing tight-fitting screens, weatherstripping around doors and windows, and caulking cracks and crevices.

Answer last updated on: 08/13/2013

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Cy-Kick CS

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