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Sum from Dania, Florida writes

Best way to treat a localized drywood termite infestation is Boracare?

I have a four poster bed in one of the bedrooms which I rarely use. These are solid wood components - maple or cherry I am not sure. I noticed termite pellets on the floor. After some careful examination I have discovered about eight holes that are potentially termite kick out holes. I taped a little plastic bag under each one and observed it for two weeks. Only two of the holes (and they are within 4" of each other) produced termite pellets. In two weeks I saw enough that would fill up a shot glass from each hole. I am not sure this is completely localized, it is possible there are other spots in the house that I have missed. The house was last tented for termite in 2008. I would like to attempt to treat this locally. I understand the best way is to discard the bed, but it is an expensive bed and big and heavy. The holes are about 1/8" in diameter. I am thinking I need to inject something into it to eliminate the infestation? Since the galleries can be far away is there any product that can be used to completely "flood" the galleries and kill everything off? Right now I have duct taped the two holes, I don't think this makes any difference may be it will force them to create another kick hole somewhere else?


That is true they could "kick out" elsewhere. Boracare would be your best option. Since the wood has been treated you do want to drill into the galleries and inject the Boracare in. Boracare will penetrate 4 inches into the wood. Please make sure to refer to the product label for application instructions.

Answer last updated on: 05/17/2013

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