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    Works well

    By J on 04/11/2016

    The initial feel of this tool is that it is heavy duty and quality. All metal construction gives it a durable long lasting feel. I paired this spray gun kit with a pump sprayer from HFT and it worked well to apply the insecticides.

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    Everything you need to do termite work

    By Cpc on 08/17/2018

    Four and not five stars because I do not like being "packaged" into items I do not want, but overall you will get all you need and then some. Kit comes with a 5/8ths soil rod that is unnecessary given you have the 7/16ths rod. On the other hand, it would be good to have a second 7/16ths rod so you can leave the other tip on a rod at all times. Otherwise it is too easy to misplace. These rods have a rubber hose washer in the brass fitting, which is standard 3/4 inch garden hose thread. These can fall out easily so it is wise to screw in any kind of hose accessory such as a hose end shut off when not in use, just to prevent them being lost. The accessory handle is of no value. We're not wrestling alligators. When my kit arrived the twist nozzle was assembled incorrectly. It was necessary to loosen the set screw and disassemble it, removing some stray piece of metal shaving from inside, then readjust. The gun is also very heavy and bulky, much more so than necessary for the job at hand. Otherwise it works quite well. Can be adjusted from a fine fogging fan spray to a very narrow and stable pin stream that reaches thirty feet projection at 60 PSI.

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    Expensive but very usable tools

    By Yaroslav on 01/18/2017

    The main reason I gave 5 stars is because this is the only place I have found these unique tools. They are expensive. However they did a great job injecting Termidor under concrete slabs and in the ground on my house perimeter. But the one must be handy enough to learn how to properly perform the task. Delivery of the tools was fast. Packaging was immaculate. Thanks a lot.

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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)