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    Disappointed with the Birch.

    By Joshua on 12/08/2021

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    Had a few techs use the Birch, as well as myself. We all agree this back pack does not live up to the reputation Birchmeier had with the pump action. Battery will not last the whole day. The pressure is lacking compared to the flowzone. The wand comes loose constantly, even with plumbers tape applied. The hose is not very flexible. The wand handle is not agronomical, if your doing continuous spraying your hand will cramp up. I'd recommend sticking with the Flowzone Typhoon.

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    Sturdy build, but

    By Joshua on 12/03/2021

    "The Birch" has a good rep when it comes to manual pumps. So our branch decided to field test their battery operated version. We were looking for a back pack that can take a beating and survive the Texas heat. Pros: Its well built, hard plastics, good straps, relatively fast charging battery, battery is protected via its location, fits perfect in our trucks. Cons: wand loosens and could use some plumbers tape, no visual gage on how much product you have in the tank(you have to just feel for it), spray pressure is lacking and not as powerful as the Flowzones, and cone spray pattern only. Field testing still in progress...

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    Good but not perfect

    By Rusty on 06/15/2022

    I bought this REB 15 early last summer because the wind was forcing up to stop using our Stihl SR450's and we were having to hand pump most jobs. I was skeptical but I can tell you that I've put it through the test and it's held up just fine. Things to expect: it's sort of noisy like there is an electric pump on your back. It vibrates like there is an electric pump on your back. It doesn't spray as far as the traditional Iris because the tip doesn't stay in a tight pinstream, it sort of splatters. However, I'm impressed at how far it actually does spray, easily 3/4 but probably closer to 7/8 of as high as the traditional Iris. As far as the battery, typically it will last all day with no issues unless you use it constantly then it's dead by noon. I bought an 8ah Metabo CAS and easily go 3 days. I tried a new wand (6' extension) and tip with the same results. I did manage to crack part of the plastic base sometime last summer but I'm rough on equipment at times.

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    Either get this or a flowzone

    By Joji on 07/14/2022

    9/10 my only problem with this backpack sprayer is that where the hooks for your straps on each side go the plastic can break if you lightly slam it down on your tailgate like I do when I'm finished spraying exteriors Berchmier sent me metal clip extensions that make it less prone to breaking tho when I emailed them Also a nitpick is I would like it to be shorter so that it you can fit it in a truck bed and put a tonneau cover over it when you're done so it doesn't get stolen Much better than that crappy tomahawk electric I had

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    They made the best pump version but not electric

    By Gordon on 04/10/2024

    Ive had about 6 different backpack sprayer over the years the and the Birchmeir had a couple of issues 1. The Black Bean shape (part F) on the parts diagram leaks after a year or two 2. The battery is on the bottom of the backpack and got rained on and it was $120 to replace the battery.. 3. The motor is attached via rubber clips, these rubber clips break then the motor hangs which in turn causes it to knock your hose loose My4Sons > Flowzone > Birchmier

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