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Roger Eddy Audubon Bird Call (RE2473)
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An exceptional birchwood and metal instrument will create different sounds to attract birds.

Toysmith Duck Call 5 in. (1996)
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A duck caller that is perfect for the kids and even the kids at heart.

Toysmith Folding Binoculars (6938)
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A fun way to enjoy traveling and nature trips with the family!

Vortex Optics Pro GT Tripod Kit (SWPRO2)
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Offers a great stability for full-sized spotting scope and binoculars.


Bird watching is a fun, enjoyable task for bird lovers. Once you know the basics, you can watch birds like the pros, especially with the aid of bird watching equipment, like birding binoculars or bird cameras. Binoculars let you watch birds from afar with ease, allowing you to identify and observe birds quickly and easily, without getting to close and disturbing them. Binoculars don’t have to be a huge investment; look for those that are comfortable, durable, and easy to use. Cameras allow you to get a deeper look into the lives of your birds. Some small cameras, like the Hawk Eye Bird House Spy Cam can be mounted in your bird house or near bird nests, giving you a peek into the secret world of birds at night or when they’re in the nest. The cameras are small enough not to disturb the birds, but still work in low or no light.  Other cameras are motion-activated, so you can set one up near your feeder, house, or bath and see what your birds were up to while you were gone. These cameras make taking and sharing videos and photos easy.

We can help you become an expert bird watcher with our bird watching supplies. Get the perfect pair of binoculars or camera for your activities, with different options to suit your needs. Why go out to a store when you can get everything you need in one convenient online location? We have experts ready to answer your questions, and as always, we give you free shipping on your orders.

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