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    Probably the safest, easiest, and most effective

    By Irv on 07/10/2008

    Probably the safest and easiest to use and most effective product for do-it-yourself homeowners. The MSDS says it all. No person, including the professional, follows all of the precautions recommended on the label of the product. If you have a crawl space that is easily accessible, this is the product to use, if you want to install it yourself. Just get a $10 garden sprayer from Lowes or Home Depot. Use an M95 NiOSH mask or you'll gag from the mist. I found cardboard in my crawl space with active termites, but no tubes or structural damage. Two gallons and four hours of work means that my house is now protected. Mine is a two story house. For a single story ranch, you will probably need two gallons. I pulled back the insulation and coated the 18-24 inches of the perimeter sub-floor and rim joist as well as the pier blocks and beams. The stuff is messy and drips, but it's safe to use. Just take a shower with soap and water after you're done. I did it in two-two hour days to make it easy. I also installed the Advance baiting system for peace of mind. The digging of an interior and exterior perimeter trench into the hard clay, heavy and hot protective gear, was not for me.

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Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)