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What Does a Bottle Fly Look Like

By DoMyOwn staff

Physical Appearance

The Bottle Fly and Blow Fly are both members of the family of common, large flies with a metallic blue, green, bronze, or black sheen. These flies are the ones that make an audible buzzing sound, particularly when flying near windows.

Behavior & Habitat

The bottle fly is considered a scavenger and will deposit its eggs on fresh or decaying meat, dead animals, fresh or decaying fish, in garbage or excrement. This fly is usually the first to come in contact with a dead animal.

Feeding Habits

The Bottle Fly feeds mainly flower nectar, plant sap, and other sugary materials.


The bottle fly belongs to a family of filth flies, originating in filth and carrying diseases that may be transmitted to humans through surface or food contamination.

General Prevention & Control:

  • Sanitation- Practicing cleanliness in and around the home is the easiest way to reduce blow fly and bottle fly populations. Above all, garbage cans and receptacles should be kept clean and dry inside and out before the bag is inserted. Use only receptacles with tight-fitting lids. Outdoor garbage cans should be kept a distance from the home.

  • Exclusion- Keep blow flies and bottle flies out by keeping doors and windows in repair. Doors should fit tightly within their frames, and windows and doors should have tight-fitting screens without holes. Cracks or gaps around windows and doors should be sealed with caulk.

  • Pesticides
    • Catchmaster Fly Ribbons -Classic fly ribbon traps still works wonders at attracting and killing pesky flies in home and/or commercial establishments
    • Maxforce Granular Fly Bait- Maxforce granular fly bait kills flies in about 60 seconds, and keeps controlling them for up to 30 days.
    • Cynoff WP- A loose white powder that is mixed with water to create an effective residual insecticide can be sprayed where flies land.
    • Microcare- Residual pyrethrum spray that is effective against flying insects, lice and eggs, fleas and ticks, no-see-ums.

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