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Bracket 97 Insecticide

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    Best way to buy acephate for fire ant poison!

    By Alan on 09/04/2020

    To save a few bucks I've bought the granulated acephate but I wanted it to be powder so you can blow it in walls or other & it would adhere to the ant just by contact. So I crushed up the granulated which took some time just to find out it then clumped and I was always banging my canister on something to try & free the clumps before putting a bit on a fire ant mound. Bracket comes as a fine powder, no clumping either! I literally carry a canister ony riding lawn mower as that's when you find these mounds that often are impossible to find if you go back later by memory. Doesn't take much at all for a mound.. Maybe a tablespoon will Wipe a whole mound. I think it goes farther in powder form not clumping too! Stinks like crazy! But I like that as I don't have to worry about my pets wanting to lick it like some others that have sugar added. It works, hands down... I've found bracket 97 "97 percent acephate" being approximately 20 - 40 percent cheaper than buying it in other forms. Seems it's a little secret! They don't plaster everywhere and I had to research a bit to even figure out for sure this was acephate. The only negative I can think of is a warning not to drop it in the wind or you'll lose some of the product if you want it on the mound. All I know is I never see a mound active again when I pass a few days later on my next mow! I HATE FIREANTS! with a passion! And I don't like my dogs or my kids finding them the hard way.. Those little stings leave long term aftereffects.

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