Bromadiolone is highly toxic anticoagulant poison most frequently used as a rodenticide to kill mice and rats, including those resistant to first generation anticoagulants. No bait shyness has been observed with this active ingredient.
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A specially formulated soft bait that effectively controls rats and mice.
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A specially formulated bait in a place pack that effectively kills rats and mice.
How does Bromadiolone kill rodents?
Anticoagulants such as bromadiolone accumulate in the liver to inhibit and steadily decrease Vitamin K levels in the blood. This prevents the blood from being able to clot and will eventually lead to death. A single dose of bromadiolone is enough to bring on death in most rodents. One or two feedings will control a total population.

Bromadiolone is available many different forms, including bait, tracking powders, and paraffin blocks.

How quickly does Bromadiolone kill?
Death usually occurs within 48 hours in mice and rats.

Brodifacoum is extremely lethal to rodents, birds, fish, and other small mammals.  It is considered to be only of low acute toxicity to humans because of its low bait concentration and delayed effect.  In the case of ingestion or skin absorption, the anticoagulant effect can be successfully countered by vitamin K1 administration.

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