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Bug-A-Salt Fly & Bug Salt Gun
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    By Dianna on 07/26/2017

    Salt who want to clean up salt all day

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    Awsum Fun!

    By R on 12/16/2014

    Verified Purchase

    The bug a salt fly gun is an accurate way to get rid of flies period, no smears to clean up and is fun too!

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    Fun and Practical

    By Joe on 05/27/2013

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    I bought the Bug-A-Salt gun along with other things in my order. The idea to have a gun which will knock down bugs from 3 feet away was entriguing. I have long gone through the ritual of taking a towel and swatting flies, mosquitoes, and other critters, only to miss them and have to track them down again. Then there are the spiders on the ceiling which I needed to stand on a chair to reach. With the Bug-A-Salt, one shot kills from 3 feet away are common, and, with no mess to clean up on the wall. The latest trophy was a millipede. It took 3 shots though, but in the end, did not have a leg to stand on. With a bit of practice, you can take out flies in flight too. Finally, there is a weapon which allows my wife to face down a double-ugly spider and take it out her self instead of shreiking in terror. Operation is easy. Fill with table salt, pump the slide action, then take the safety off and you are ready to fire. Take a couple test shots at a sheet of aluminum foil to see how the shot pattern and sights align. You are ready to go hunting. The only problem I saw with it was when my (older) kids saw it, they wanted one too to take home. Will have to order a couple more now. As with anything which fires a projectile (salt), the same care you would take with any gun, BB gun, etc applies. Make sure the stray salt which does not hit the bug has a safe backstop and the stray salt will not enter electrical outlets or electronics. Otherwise, have fun.

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