Bug-A-Salt Fly & Bug Salt Gun

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Bug-A-Salt Fly & Bug Salt Gun

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Average Rating

4.5 out of 5 stars Rating: 4.5

114 Reviews | 58 Q&A

Product Overview

Bug A Salt Fly Gun - The Fun Way To Get Rid of Flies!

Bug-A-Salt has new and improved upgrades to the salt gun – the Bug-A-Salt 2.0. It has many improvements that make this tool an automatic buy for any house. The first feature is an increased range and an increased rate of fire, which make it all the more effective against flies and other flying insects. It also comes with a texturized handgrip and using less salt per shot, makes it easier to use and has minimal cleanup. Last, but not least, it is made of stronger materials, which prevents broken gears that plagued the original Bug-A-Salt. The gears have been configured differently than the Original Bug-A-Salt, allowing less stress.

Bug-A-Salt 2.0 is also available in camouflage called Bug-A-Salt Fly & Bug Salt Gun - Camofly 2.0

Looking for the perfect holiday gift?  Look no further!  The Bug-A-Salt is a fly “assault rifle” that uses ordinary table salt to shoot a concentrated spray pattern of salt (similar to a shotgun), killing flies and other small insects while still leaving them in one piece. The salt will not hurt walls or furniture but it is strong enough to easily knock flies right out of the air!  This salt shotgun is a non-toxic, battery-free device that allows you to have fun while controlling flies. More exciting than bug zappers or fly swatters, Bug-A-Salt can kill flies from several feet away, letting you sneak up on your targets.  You must be 18 years or older to order.

Featured on several news sites including the front page of the Wall Street Journal!


Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Use with regular table salt (not course or fine)
Target pests Flies, mosquitoes, and almost any other insect.
For use in Indoors and Outdoors
Pet safe Yes, when used as directed. DO NOT shoot your pets.
Shipping Weight 2.28 lbs
Manufacturer SKELL INC.
UPC 783583185363


New and improved 2.0 version



Flies have long been our enemies at picnics and in our kitchens, at restaurants, and any other time they buzz around, knocking into windows and slipping away from our flyswatters. Bug A Salt is the new answer. A tongue-in-cheek “assault rifle” designed for killing flies and other nuisance insects with ordinary table salt, Bug A Salt is the fun alternative to the old-fashioned fly swatter and messy bug zapper, turning pest control into entertainment.
Advantages of Bug A Salt

The Bug A Salt shotgun makes flies and other nuisance insects public enemy number one, creating a new hunting season that requires no license and is a year round sport. Flies may seem to be a fairly benign annoyance, but they can carry numerous disease-causing germs that can cause scary diseases such as dysentery, typhoid fever, and tuberculosis, to name a few.  Flies are drawn to our food, where they feed, defecate, and lay eggs. This makes flies very unwelcome around kitchens and dining areas, but hanging unsightly flypaper and using unsanitary fly swatters isn’t always an option.

This is where the Bug A Salt comes in. Not only is Bug A Salt a non-toxic, battery-free salt gun, it leaves bugs whole, making clean up much easier. Without chemicals, this Bug A Salt is a perfect fly killer for indoor use and safe around food. With very inexpensive “ammo,” this tool can equip your bug-killing arsenal with an ever-ready weapon against annoying intruders.

How to use Bug A Salt

Bug A Salt takes about a pinch of salt to create a mini-buckshot effect that knocks flies dead, like a rock salt shotgun on a smaller scale. This bug gun is very simple to operate: simply load top with table salt, which will give you 50 shots. Then, cock the gun by sliding back the handle. Remove the automatic safety, and the sight should pop up on the top of the gun, indicating the gun is ready to shoot.

Practice shooting the gun against some tin foil, which will show you the salt spray pattern, making it easy to tell how far away you need to be. Being closer to the bug gives you more accuracy. Bug A Salt is perfect for bugs in corners, on ceilings and on windows.

Before you start your mission to destroy all flies, make sure you watch Bug A Salt’s YouTube videos and read their safety policy and code of conduct.

Safety for Bug A Salt

The Bug A Salt Gun takes safety very seriously. Before purchasing, please read their safety policy and code of conduct in full. Here is a brief rundown of important safety features and policies for operating the Bug A Salt bug rifle.

  • There is an automatic safety that is engaged each time the rifle is fired. This makes it difficult for the gun to be accidentally fired, as it must be manually set to shoot each time.
  • The cocking mechanism of the gun is stiff, making it more difficult for kids to operate the gun alone.
  • You must treat the Bug A Salt as a loaded firearm at all times. Never point at people, pets, or valuables.
  • Never leave Bug A Salt in the cocked position. Not only is this dangerous, it will also shorten the lifespan of your Bug A Salt.
  • When shooting the gun, ensure that all people and pets are behind you.
  • Never shoot anything but flies and other harmless insects. Never use Bug A Salt against any animals (including rodents and snakes) and never use on potentially dangerous insects like wasps, spiders, and scorpions, and shouldn’t be used on beneficial insects like butterflies and bees.
  • Do not modify gun in any way, including the paint. Law requires the orange paint.
  • This gun can only be sold to those 18 and older. Those who are under 18 should never use this gun without direct adult supervision.
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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Fun and Practical

    By Joe on 05/27/2013

    Verified Purchase

    I bought the Bug-A-Salt gun along with other things in my order. The idea to have a gun which will knock down bugs from 3 feet away was entriguing. I have long gone through the ritual of taking a towel and swatting flies, mosquitoes, and other critters, only to miss them and have to track them down again. Then there are the spiders on the ceiling which I needed to stand on a chair to reach. With the Bug-A-Salt, one shot kills from 3 feet away are common, and, with no mess to clean up on the wall. The latest trophy was a millipede. It took 3 shots though, but in the end, did not have a leg to stand on. With a bit of practice, you can take out flies in flight too. Finally, there is a weapon which allows my wife to face down a double-ugly spider and take it out her self instead of shreiking in terror. Operation is easy. Fill with table salt, pump the slide action, then take the safety off and you are ready to fire. Take a couple test shots at a sheet of aluminum foil to see how the shot pattern and sights align. You are ready to go hunting. The only problem I saw with it was when my (older) kids saw it, they wanted one too to take home. Will have to order a couple more now. As with anything which fires a projectile (salt), the same care you would take with any gun, BB gun, etc applies. Make sure the stray salt which does not hit the bug has a safe backstop and the stray salt will not enter electrical outlets or electronics. Otherwise, have fun.

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  • 1 of 5 Stars

    Junk! Don't waste your money!

    By Riley on 09/10/2014

    Verified Purchase

    Used for one day then the gun broke, will not pump.. Manufacture would not warranty.. Don't buy this product..

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  • 1 of 5 Stars


    By Rich on 04/01/2015

    i bought 4 of these to share with my kids during fly season - which is basically 3 months of the year... Over one season, 2 have already broken down…i tried to take them apart (to try & fix) but they fell into a million pieces - wound up in the garbage..they're fun while they last - which for me was not even one loading of salt that was put into the gun. If the manufacturer put as emphasis in quality as they do in caveats - they'd have a nice product…i say "boo" to the quality control dept people on this product!

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  • 5 of 5 Stars


    By Vince on 12/23/2012

    Verified Purchase

    Bug-A-Salt has never made fly and insect control more fun. Not only will it eviscerate flies from a good distance, but any other insect or unwanted spiders in the house without harming the surface behind. Great weapon for the wife as well.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Fun Gun - Deadly

    By David on 12/13/2012

    Verified Purchase

    This gun works as advertized and is easy to use. It takes out snails and slugs as well. Well built!!

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Questions & Answers

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Why can't the bug gun be used on dangerous insects. It won't kill them?
The manufacturer uses this disclaimer so that folks won't run around shooting at hornets nests or bee nests. Also, if you miss or don't get a direct hit, they certainly don't want to be responsible for you getting stung or bitten. We have used the Bug-A Salt around our facility and so far it has killed every insect we tried it on including beetles, house flies, weevils, silverfish, house centipedes and millipedes.

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How do you clean the Bug A Salt Fly & Bug Salt Gun?

Ours won't shoot out salt for some reason.


You can clean your Bug A Salt Gun by soaking it in hot water. This will break down the salt build up in the gun. Let it dry completely before reloading with salt. 

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What is the effective range of the Bug-A-Salt Gun?

How far can I be to shoot insects?

The Bug-A-Salt Gun will shoot an ideal 3 feet.  Practice accuracy by shooting aluminum foil to see salt spray pattern

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How do you clean your Bug-A-Salt Fly & Bug Salt Gun after it wet?

The only thing I found was to "soak" it. Can you expand on this? Soak in what and for how long?


If your Bug-A-Salt Fly & Bug Salt Gun gets wet you can clean it by soaking it in hot water. This will break down the salt build up.

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Do you feel the salt spray is strong enough to kill a carpenter bee?
Technically you are not supposed to shoot anything that stings so we can't tell you that it will kill a carpenter bee. What we can tell you is that we have several guns in the office and we have shot beetles, stinkbugs, centipedes, weevils and very large flies (we shot these around the exterior of our office, none of these bugs would dare venture into DMOPC territory!) and all of these insects have succumbed to the Bug A Salt Gun.

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Bug-A-Salt Fly & Bug Salt Gun 4.5 out of 5 stars Rating: 4.5 (114 Reviews / 58 Q&A)

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