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Allan from Willow Springs Missouri writes

Can Agrisel BioPhos Pro Systemic Fungicide be used on fruit trees as a drench application?


This will depend on what type(s) of fruit trees and which disease(s) you are targeting. For example, per the product label for Agrisel BioPhos Pro Systemic Fungicide: "NON-BEARING CITRUS AND NURSERIES: For control of citrus Alternaria leaf spot, make foliar applications at 1-2% v/v as new flush first appears and continue at 2-3 week intervals until the foliage is mature. Repeat the sequence with each additional growth flush. For Phytophthora root rot, make soil or foliar applications at 1-2% v/v or in water to wet the root zone or to run-off the foliage. For control of Phytophthora root rot make foliar applications at 1-2% v/v up to run-off. For soil applications apply 1-2 gallons per acre in water to wet the root zone or for containerized trees, use 1-2% v/v drench to wet the roots." Please be sure to review the product label for more information and complete application instructions. 

Answer last updated on: 06/01/2021

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