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Penny from Miami, Fl writes

Can an antique pine trunk be treated for termites with Boracare?

The trunk shows evidence of termite damage around the bracketed feet. It has been waxed over the decades and I understand that Boracare can't penetrate, but will it penetrate through the unstained/unwaxed end grain of the feet where they contact with ground? If so, how far in will the Boracare go?


Boracare must be applied to raw wood in order for the product to be effective and for it to be absorbed by the wood, so the trunk would have to be sanded if it's painted/stained. If Boracare is only applied to one small area, it would only go up a couple of inches or so. You can use Jecta instead to inject it into the wood, it is a ready to use form of Boracare, but holes must be drilled in order to inject the product into the wood. If these options are not something you want to do because it is an antique, you can speak to an antique dealer for recommendation or have the trunk fumigated by professionals.

Answer last updated on: 05/26/2016

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