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Karen from Charleston, Wv writes

Can Bonide Flea & Roach Spray RTU be used to treat both indoors and outdoors? Does it stain surfaces like walls and floors?

Honestly, the guy at my feed store said this stuff will kill a bunch of stuff other than Fleas and roaches, but after reading the label IDK what to think. He said he uses it, and the Spectracide and Ortho hasn't been effective this year at keeping the outside bugs outside, so I got it. I don't normally use stuff inside but only outside I will spray all the windows and doors and seams of the siding and corners and where the house meets the ground. Can I even do that with this? If I have to use it inside, will it stain my walls or damage my Bamboo flooring. I know it's kinda more than 1 question but I appreciate your answers? Thanks- Karen


Bonide Flea & Roach Spray RTU is primarlily for indoor use and not labeled to use for outdoor applications. This product will not stain when used as directed on the label.  Please be advised this is not a professional grade product and fleas and roach infestations usually take a combination of products. Please review our Flea Control and Roach Control pages to learn more about controlling fleas and roaches with professional grade products.

Answer last updated on: 10/04/2022

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