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Ryan from Zanesfield, Oh writes

Can Bora care be applied using foam agent?

I live in a subterranean home i really do not want to have to rip out all the walls to treat. am I able to drill holes in the walls and foam boracare? if I am do i have to fill the wall cavity with foam? i am also treating the outside with Dominion 2L. But i would like to give them a double punch.. thank you


Bora-Care is the best product to use for termites in wall voids.  If you are foaming for termites, then you should not be concerned about foaming an entire wall void.  You should only be concerned about getting the foam near the wood and studs.  Typically when a company foams walls, they drill holes at the top of the ceiling on either side of the studs and foam down the stud from the ceiling.  This way you have gravity working in your favor and you are getting the foam against the wood which is all that matters.  You will need a foaming agent and a poly foamer to perform the treatment in addition to the Bora-Care.

Answer last updated on: 03/18/2012

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