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R. from Hoboken, New Jersey writes

Can Bora-Care be used AFTER wood was treated with Timbor Professional for active termite infestation?

After removing the sheetrock, my exterminator used "Timbor" on the infested studs instead of Bora Care. My plan is to apply BoraCare over the preveiously treated areas with Timbor, Will I need to prep or scrape the wood before applying BoraCare.


Yes, you can apply Bora-Care to wood that has previously been treated with Timbor. The previous application of Timbor will have no affect on the absorption of BoraCare into the wood. Since both products are borate-based and become one with the wood after application, there should not be any issues. You don't need to do anything to the wood unless you had applied any type of paint, sealant or stain after you applied the Timbor. If you had applied a sealant/paint/stain then you would need to strip the wood back down to it's raw state.


Answer last updated on: 04/22/2021

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