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William writes

Can Bora-Care be used on logs with bark still on?

I need to spray Bora-Care on the sleepers in my 1870 barn. Most of the beams still have their bark on. Moisture content is quite low on most. Will the Bora-Care penetrate through the bark and into the wood? As well most of the sleepers are larger than 8-10” in diameter. I read this will need at least 2 full applications 24hrs apart. Will the bark mean I need to add another application?


Bora-Care will not penetrate through logs that still have bark on them. The bark will need to be removed from each log for an effective application. If the sleepers are 8-10" in diameter, this will require 2 full applications. The second application will need to be applied once the first application has dried. 

Answer last updated on: 01/03/2021

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