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Drea from Ca writes

Can Bora-Care penetrate through old teak that has been oiled years prior?

I have an boat with teak interior, solid teak planks and teak veneer. I recently found a drywood termite nest in the teak Veneer shelving with a kickout hole in the plywood that lined the bottom of the shelves. Shelves and the nest have been removed. As a precaution I would like to treat the wood in the rest of the boat. I see this product does not work on wood that has been stained or painted. What about oiled or unpainted marine plywood? The teak was coated with teak oil over 8 years ago. Will it work in these?


Boracare really is designed to only be applied to raw wood that has no finish or treatment on it of any kind. The teak oil may prevent the Borcare from fully  penetrating into the wood.  If you can sand some of it off (depending on how deep the oil penetrated into the door), you may be able to apply the Boracare with sucess.  However, we cannot guarantee that it will soak in the way its intended to since the oil has been applied.

Answer last updated on: 10/15/2018

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