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Dolores from East Ellijay writes

Can Bora-Care with Mold-Care be sprayed on foam board to prevent insect and mold on foam and plastic?

Should this be sprayed on concrete foundation and wood beams before or after installing foam board on foundation walls and plastic on floor.


Boracare with Mold-Care can only be applied to raw natural wood that has no finish on it, or to concrete area such as along the foundation where structural supports and framing will go. Boracare with Mold Care would not adhere to or work on foam or plastic, or any other material similar to that. Mold will only grow where there is a moisture problem, as long as there are no leaks or issues causing excess moisture to collect and stay in the walls you shouldn't have an issue with mold. Installing good vapor barriers and dehumidifiers can assist with preventing this as well. 

Answer last updated on: 02/18/2021

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