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Wyatt from Auburn, Alabama writes

Can I continue my annual fertilizer routine when using Podium?

I have a company that does an annual routine for my hybrid Bermuda in zone 8. I also apply some slow release 15-0-15 after the slow release 40-0-0 Urea has been applied from the company. 1. Can and when should Podium be applied in conjunction with this routine? 2. Do I have to even fertilize if I use Podium? 3. Does Podium stunt any kind of weeds that may pop up now and then? 4. My lawn company treats for weeds all year long so only once in awhile do I see any type of weeds. 5. I want to use try this and is it only used during the growing cycles? 6. I have approx 5400 sqft to cover. I have a 2 gallon back pack sprayer. How much per gallon is used and how long does the Podium stay active once applied? 8 weeks? 7. Do you use a fan type nozzle spray and how do you know that you have enough applied? When it looks wet or what? 8. I am currently cutting the grass every 3 days or 1/3 of the grass blade and bag the clippings. Grass height never tops 3" in the middle of the summer so it doesn't stress it out. 9. The Hybrid Bermuda is sod and well established since 2013. I have to ask these questions to be sure I'm investing in the right product if usable in my routine. I hope it can be and I can stop the mowing every 3 days and maintain the annual grass feeding as well.


Yes, it is recommended to continue your normal fertilizer treatments when using Podium.  Multiple Podium applications along with cultural practices such as fertilization, irrigation, drainage, mowing height, etc., will delay the onset of stress, improve stressed turf grass survival, and enhance turf’s recovery from stress. Apply Podium to healthy, actively growing turf before the onset of stress and continue to apply Podium throughout the growing season as long as the turf remains healthy.  The rates presented in the Application Rate Table provide approximately 50% growth inhibition over a 4-week period with little or no discoloration of turf growing under favorable conditions.  Podium would help stop the development of seed heads for weeds like Poa Annua and other weeds listed on the label.  Apply at .25 oz per 1,000 sqft for hybrid Bermuda grass.

Answer last updated on: 08/01/2018

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