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Fatima from Brockton, Ma writes

Can Crossfire Bed Bug Concentrate be used as a stand-alone treatment? Will bedbugs die after coming in contact with the residue?

I bought the Bed bug commercial kit but just recently found one bed bug. I followed the instructions but did not repeat after 14 days. So now can I just use Crossfire to spray furniture, baseboards etc.? Should I use Cimexa after Crossfire and if so will the Crossfire still be effective for 30 days even if it’s covered with Cimexa?


Crossfire Bed Bug Concentrate is a fantastic product for bedbugs and will absolutely die once crossing a treated surface. The reason you cannot use just a spray as a stand alone treatment for bedbugs is because they hide in other areas that cannot be sprayed or best treated with a liquid application. Repeat treatments are also key to being successful in eliminating them which is why so many customers fail to get rid of them quickly when not doing correct follow up applications. The Cimexa is used in areas you cannot spray, so behind pictures hanging on walls, under lamps, and in electrical outlet and wall void areas. If you feel you need to apply some dust in some areas you treated with Crossfire, you can do so, but the application should be extremely light. Nothing should be covering anything, just a light dusting barely on the surface enough to treat it. In general Cimexa when used for bedbugs is applied to crevices, not open surfaces you would have sprayed the Crossfire on anyway. You can read over our guide to go through the step by steps treatments and see what needs to be done to make sure you are eliminating all of them. 


Answer last updated on: 11/20/2020

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