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Nina from Amarillo, Tx writes

Can I drill holes in wall and spray in Nuvan Aerosol to kill any bed bugs in the walls?


Nuvan Directed Spray Aerosol can be used inside the wall voids for various pests. It is recommended that you thoroughly inspect and treat areas where bed bugs may hide, travel, harbor or lay eggs. Treat surfaces of baseboards, floors, molding, and other infested areas where bed bugs may hide, lay eggs or travel not more than once a month. Remove furniture coverings including bed linens and blankets. Infested coverings, bedding and linens should be sealed in a plastic bag and then removed for laundering and run in a hot clothes dryer for a sufficient time and temperature to destroy all bed bugs that may be present. To avoid staining or discoloration of furniture surfaces, make an application to a hidden area of items to be treated to test for potential staining or discoloration before making a complete application. Inspect the mattress, box spring, bed frame and other furniture thoroughly for the presence of bed bugs and bed bug eggs. Dismantle beds and other furniture as needed to inspect and treat mattress, box springs, bed frame, and headboard. Inspect and treat furniture and other items where bed bugs and bed bug eggs may be present such as night stands, chairs, couches, futons, tables, desks, artwork, wall hangings, luggage, books, shelving and other items where bed bugs may hide

Answer last updated on: 04/17/2016

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