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Janice from Kansas City, Mo writes

Can Harmonix be used in pantries for moths and larvae? Does it have a residual effect?


Yes the Harmonix can be used for pantry pests such as moths and it does provide some residual. Repea applications can be made as early as 7 days after initial application. According to the product label: Where To Use: Treat where pests have been seen or found, or can find shelter.Treat areas where pests normally feed or hide, such as baseboards, corners, around water pipes, behind and under refrigerators, cabinets, sinks, and stoves.This product can be applied to walls, floors, ceilings, in and around cabinets, between,behind and beneath equipment and appliances, around floor drains, window and door frames and around plumbing, sinks, and other possible pest harborage sites. Application For Indoor Pest: Pantry Pests(adult and accessible immature stages of insects such as lesser grain borers, grain weevils, flour beetles, saw-toothed grain beetles, cigarette beetles, merchant grain beetles, Angoumois grain moths, Mediterranean flour moths and Indian meal moths) Make applications to cupboards, shelving and storage areas. Remove all foodstuffs, all utensils, shelf paper, and other objects before spraying. Allow all treated surfaces to dry before replacing foodstuffs, utensils or other items. Any foodstuff accidentally contaminated with any spray solution must be discarded.

Answer last updated on: 07/12/2013

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