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Kendra writes

Can mice get out of these traps once they get caught? Do they die? What do I do if I think a mouse is in one?


The Victor Corner Cat Mouse Trap by itself is a no-kill mouse trap. The mouse enters through one of the holes and once inside it cannot exit. If you want to be able to catch multiple mice at any given time but do not want to deal with live mice you can choose to use a glueboard inside the trap which will kill the mice. If you choose not to use a glueboard, then you can release the mice outdoors away from your home. This particular model, The Victor Corner Cat Mouse Trap, has been dicontinued by the manufacturer. We do have other multi-catch mouse traps available. You can find them on our "Live Mouse Trap" page.

Answer last updated on: 12/03/2010

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Victor Corner Cat Mouse Trap

Victor Corner Cat Mouse Trap


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