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Andrew from Preston, Mn writes

Can OHP Marathon 1% Granular be used in a hydroponic greenhouse to treat for thrips? If so, how much would I mix in the water? What other ways could I apply this for the plant to absorb the application?


OHP Marathon 1% Granular is not labeled to be used in hydroponic systems. For thrips,this will ONLY work for suppression on foliage only. Thrips in buds and flowers will not be suppressed. Per the product label, OHP Marathon 1% Granular is recommended to be applied where where the roots of the plant can absorb the active ingredient. Irrigate moderately but thoroughly after application, allowing no leaching and runout from containers for at least three irrigations or 10 days whichever is longer. Proper incorporation can be achieved by cultivation, irrigation, rainfall, mechanical placement or by using mechanical soil or media mixing equipment.

Answer last updated on: 03/04/2021

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