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Billy from Mesa,az writes

Can Onslaught and Cy-Kick be mixed for better scorpion control?


Onslaught and Cy Kick are not to be mixed together. Not only do the manufacturers not recommend mixing them with any other product, but also, they are both synthetic pyrethroids. This means they are just two slightly different versions of the same base type of ingredient and will not increase the residual of the product or potency and could infact potentially decrease the effectiveness of one ingredient or the other. Also the Onslaught FastCap has an extra ingredient that gives a faster knock down on its own. Both products are mico encapsulated concentrates that sit on the surface better to provide a more thorough control of the insects and to hold up to the outdoor elements better than other insecticides. For scorpion control you need to create a larger barrier than you would for general insects as scorpions have a thick exoskeleton which makes it harder for the product to penetrate into their system. For most bugs like ants, you would spray 2-3 feet up and 2-3 feet out around the foundation of your home. For scorpions, you would spray 2-3 feet up and 6-10 feet out on the ground, around window and door frames, where pipes enter the home, and around any landscaping like rock or mulch which would be prime for harboring. You also want to make sure you are taking non chemical steps and clearing away and brush, rock, or other debris around the home that they could be stemming from. Please feel free to contact us if you have any other quetions.

Answer last updated on: 07/11/2013

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