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Roberta from Cocoa, Fl writes

Can Sevin Concentrate be used indoors for ants?

Due to a lot of rain recently in Central Florida I am having a big ant issue all around my chicken coop in my chicken coop and now coming into the house. Can I spray the liquid 7 concentrated bug killer in my tanks 1 gallon sprayer. Not just the perimeter area my house but also the inside perimeter of my house?


Sevin Concentrate  is labeled to be used outdoors only. For ants indoors, we would recommend using something like Phantom Aerosol. This can be sprayed around the baseboards, cracks and crevices, void treatment where pests harbor, nest, trail, run, and/or breed or hide. Treat into voids or to surfaces beneath cabinets, furniture, spaces between equipment, expansion joints, surfaces behind sinks, floor drains (to sewers), lockers, and water pipes.

Answer last updated on: 07/26/2017

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