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Ben from Chandler, Tx writes

Can I spray GrazonNext HL Herbicide in early spring to control woolly croton and iron weed? Or will I have to apply it after they have emerged?

The description of the product states that it has pre- and post-emergent control of weeds.


Per the product label: GrazonNext HL provides preemergence control of germinating seeds or emerging seedlings of susceptible weeds and re-growth of certain perennial weeds following application. Weed establishment following GrazonNext HL application will depend upon application rate, season of application, and growing condition. GrazonNext HL can provide long-term control of weeds. The length of control is dependent upon the application rate, condition and growth stage of target weeds, environmental conditions at and following application, and the density and vigor of competing desirable vegetation. Long-term broadleaf weed control is most effective where forage grasses are allowed to recover from overgrazing, drought, etc., and compete with weeds.

So you would not apply it as an actual pre-emergent application, you only use a post and in the areas it was applied will it have the pre-emergence control.

Answer last updated on: 05/02/2021

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