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F.f. from Tustin, Ca writes

Can Stuf-Fit be used unrolled across a roof ridgeline?

We have a roof in which the curved tiles leave gaps, especially at the ridgeline where the trim is curved at the top but straight across the tiles. We're thinking to remove all the trim, unroll Stuf-Fit and lay it across the length of the ridge, secure it with nails, and then put the trim back. Most of the other applications talk about stuffing it into a hole, so I'm wondering if the mesh will be strong enough to prevent rats from entering if it is spread rather than stuffed. Thanks.


  The STUF-FIT copper mesh is used to close openings that rodents can get into.  It is usually used with expanding foam.  It is not designed to be used flat as it can be pulled to allow holes they can access.

Answer last updated on: 06/25/2018

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