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John from Pittsburgh Pa. writes

Can Suspend SC be mixed at 2 fl oz per gallon of water without losing it's efficacy?


Unfortunately, per the product label the maximum mix rate of Suspend SC is 1.5 fl oz per gallon of water depending on the insects you are targeting. We cannot advise mixing insecticides at a higher rate than the product label by the manufacturer due to a few reasons.  The product labels for insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc have been reviewed and approved by the EPA and, therefore, provides the legally amount allowed to be applied per application or per year for that pesticide or herbicide. The Label is the Law. Second, the manufacturers and reseach teams spend months/years and money into into developing and testing products before product labels are issued, approved and available for retail. The application rates listed on the product labels have been proven scientifically to be effective for treating the pests/weeds/diseases on that label therefore mixing at a higher rate than what is recommended is not going to necessarily going to be better or give faster results. In fact, using too much product can cause undesired effects like insect repellency, unnecessary risk to people and non-target animals, and simply wasting your time and money.  

Answer last updated on: 04/13/2021

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