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Edward from Parma, Oh writes

Can the Drain Fly Kit be used in a sump pump?

I have drain flies coming from my sump pump. How can i get rid of them.


Once you've determined you're dealing with drain flies, finding the source is the next step. Cleaning up is definitely recommended and typically for sump pumps, it's good to use a foaming product like Invade Hot Spot would be better. The foam will be able to get into the pump, cracks and crevices where the Drain Gel is really only meant for drains in the kitchen and/or bathrooms. If there's an area where water will run-off into sump pump, you could hang an InVade Bio Bullet inside the sump pump in the patch of the water for continuous treatment but do not submerge in the water.

Answer last updated on: 10/01/2019

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Drain Fly Kit

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