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Mike from Ewing, Nj writes

Can this product be used with a hose end sprayer?

I understand the instructions of use with a canister sprayer. Can this product be used with a hose end sprayer, i.e. Ortho Dial 'N Spray, to cover a larger area quickly? I was specifically thinking to use it the hose end sprayer to create the 6-10 foot barrier around house. I thought the powder could be per-mixed with some water in the sprayer's container, thereby making a concentrate. Is that a viable approach? What would the application rate per gallon need to be?


Cyper WP and other wettable powders are not generally great formulations to use in hose end sprayer because they can clog the sprayer and most hose end sprayers are not calibrated for use with wettable powders. Typically you would want to apply 1 gallon of diluted solution per 1000 square feet of yard.  Each gallon would have one scoop of Cyper WP.  So, if your yard was 2000 square feet, you would place two scoops of Cyper WP in the hose end sprayer, then fill the hose end sprayer to the 2 gallon mark with water.  This should apply one scoop per gallon of water over 1000 square feet.

Answer last updated on: 05/14/2012

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