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Terrill from Irving, Tx writes

Can I treat with Termidor SC myself? If so how much do I need?

On the interior wall of a room in our office I noticed three small holes with dirt piles on top of them and when I brushed the dirt off and looked closer I noticed it was termites. Our pest control rep just told me that he needed 125 gallons to treat our 3000 sq ft building and to flush our pipes, and also foam. He is quoting us $1100 for the best price he can do. Is this a job I can do myself? If so, how much product would I need to buy? Please help!


Yes, you can treat yourself. The article below will tell you how to treat yourself as well as how to calculate how much you need.
You should perform a liquid termite treatment in the ground to get the termites where they are entering your house.  To perform a treatment just as a professional company would do, please read our How To Do A Termite Treatment Article which explains exactly how you should treat your home properly.  Doing a treatment like what is described in the article will not only take care of existing termites that you have, but it will also protect and prevent future termites from entering for about 7 years.  Here is a link to the article: Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Answer last updated on: 04/10/2013

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