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Andrew from Oregon writes

Can I use Archer IGR this for ornamental treatment?

It appears the label does not allow for any kind of plant application unless considered a perimeter treatment (ie adjacent or next to a structure). Is this correct? We are currently considering this as an addition to our barrier treatments for mosquito resting places. (arborvitaes, shrubbery, ornamentals, etc.) But although Demand can be sprayed on this kind of vegetation, it appears this cannot? Is this correct?


The Archer IGR product label does say that you can spray any where mosquitoes or other target pests spend time breeding or resting (please see product label for restrictions when using by a natural body of water). We contacted Syngenta, the manufacturer, just to be sure as the product label is a bit vague. They did say that you can use Archer IGR in lawns, landscape plantings and on ornamentals and in outdoor residential settings which pretty much covers any where you needed to apply Archer.

Answer last updated on: 05/03/2012

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