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Patricia writes

Can I use Boracare indoors? Our wall is painted but doesn't have a sealant. Will Boracare work?

We're finding tiny pellets next to our wall. In researching, it looks like termite droppings. We'll wipe it off but it reappears after a few days. I'm looking to apply the Boracare on the inside wall. If we apply it inside, will we have to leave the house?


BoraCare can be used indoors safely.  It is considered a green product and is made from natural products.  BoraCare is only meant to be applied on wood.  It can only be raw wood, meaning the studs in your wall.  It cannot be applied to painted wood, or sealed wood, only raw, untreated wood.  When treating drywood termites you would have to drill holes through your sheetrock where the holes are that the termites are kicking the droppings out, and drill into the stud.  This is where the termites are.  You would inject the wood with the boracare after mixing it with water.  Typically you would do this using a one gallon hand pump sprayer.  You should drill a hole every 6 inches up the stud to ensure good coverage.  If you have any specific questions, please feel free to call us at 866-581-7378. 

Answer last updated on: 06/18/2010

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