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Denice from Edmond, Oklahoma writes

Can I use Exciter for eliminating scorpions inside my house? I have had the granules placed around the house.


If you choose to use Exciter for scorpion control you will need to make sure that you apply Exciter directly to the scorpions for the product to be effective. Exciter contains the active ingredient pyrethrins and pyrethrins is only effective when the product makes direct contact with the pest in question and will not leave behind an active residual. Most people choose to use a product such as Cy-Kick CS for indoor scorpion control. There are several products that would do an awesome job controlling scorpions. Cy-Kick CS is a favorite among professional pest control operators and home owners. Cy-Kick CS is a micro-encapsulated product. This means that the particles of the active ingredient are contained in tiny micro-capsules, the insect walks onto the treated surface and picks up the capsules on their bodies and then the micro capsules slowly dry out and crack and the active ingredient oozes out on the insect. These micro capsules make the Cy-Kick last for up to 90 days and also make it safer to use around pets and people.

Answer last updated on: 11/15/2011

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