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David from Hamilton writes

Can I use Southern AG Grass Killer Vantage to kill grasses and weeds in Blue Rug Junipers?


The following species are tolerable to Southern AG Grass Killer: Juniper (Chinese, Creeping, Ozark, RockyMountain), Juniper (Savin, Shore, Tam). Fusilade II is a selective herbicide for application over flowers, bushes and ornamentals that kills grass and grassy weeds in your flower bed and ornamental planting areas.  You should mix a surfactant with it.  It typically takes 2 weeks to see results after application.  Please be sure to read over the product label. The tolerable juniper species for Fusilade are: uniper, Armstrongii -Juniperus chinensis Juniper, Burkii -Juniperus virginiana Juniper, Excelsa Strieta -Juniperus scopulorum Juniper, Spiny Greek -Juniperus scopulorum Juniper, Bar Harbor- Juniperus spp. Juniper, Blue chip- Juniperus horizontalis Juniper, Blue Haven -Juniperus scopulorum Juniper, Prince of Wales -Juniperus spp. Juniper, Sea green -Juniperus chinensis Grass Out Max can be used in Juniper beds to control grass. Be sure to read and follow the product label for best results.

Answer last updated on: 04/24/2015

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