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Monte from Derby, Kansas writes

Can I use Talstar P where my chickens are walking around and eating?

i have chickens and they are free roaming, i know you can spray in poultry areas but if i spray Talstar p about 10 feet out from my home and my chickens are pecking around that same area and or eating the bugs that have been treated, will it harm my chickens or will it harm the eggs i receive from them?


Talstar P is labeled to be used in poultry houses and chicken pens so it should not harm your chickens or their eggs. You must make sure your chickens are out of the area while you apply Talstar P and then they can return to the area as soon as it is dry. You should dilute 1 ounce of Talstar P per gallon of water and using a hand pump sprayer apply the solution on all door frames, window frames, areas where utilities (cables, pipes, wires) enter into the structure, a band of soil 6 to 10 feet adjacent to the structure, also to a height of 2 to 3 feet on the foundation where pests may be active or may find entrance.

Answer last updated on: 04/02/2012

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