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Marianne from San Diego writes

Can I use this product on stone pines?

My stone pines have been ravaged by whitish looking powder, black moldy looking stuff, and tents. I was told they have beetles. The pine needles are dying and there is sticky stuff left inside the nests. It looks like the insect weaves the branches together. I have been using neem oil for weeks. It is working fairly well but the infestation is fairly large and stubborn. So think I need something a little stronger. I thought a couple of treatments of your product might give the insects the final boot. Thank you.


Monterey Fruit Tree Spray Plus is labeled for common insects that cause black sooty mold and (aphids, leafhoppers, mealybugs, psyllids, soft scales, and whiteflies). We would suggest using Talstar P to control these insects on bushes, trees, shrubs, etc. Talstar P is mixed at 1.0 fl oz per gallon of water. View our How to Get Rid of Aphids Treatment Guide for other recommendations. 

Answer last updated on: 06/29/2021

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