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Todd from Ohio writes

Can I use this product to control/kill Trumpet Creeper?

I have been losing a battle against the spread of trumpet creeper (trumpet vine) in my backyard of my house in an urban area. Is this safe to use in an urban area?


While Hi-Yield Triclopyr Ester Ultra 's product label does not specifically list trumpet creeper/vines, it's active ingredient is known to damage ornamental plants such as Black Medic, Bull Thistle, Clover, Dandelion, Ground Ivy, Kikuyugrass, Plantain, Ragweed, Wild Carrot, Wild Violet, Black Medic, Bull Thistle, Burdock Canada, Thistle Chicory, Clover, Creeping, Beggarweed, etc. Please refer to label for complete list. Please refer to the label for complete application directions for broadcast treatment and spot treatments. 

Answer last updated on: 07/14/2017

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