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Elton from Millington, Tn writes

Can Victor Moleworms be broke in half and still be effective?


You should not cut any Victor Moleworms in half.  The active ingredient that has been added in one single worm is enough to kill one mole.  If you cut them in half, you're reducing the amount of active ingredient the mole consumes, and the mole will not receive a lethal dose.   Additionally, since moles have little to no sight, they rely heavily on smells and touch to find food.  There are certain distinguishing ?marks on an earth worth that alerts the mole that that it is an earth worm, and without those distinguishing marks that the mole can feel, it's likely that he will abandon the worm and not consume it.  Victor Moleworms have been moleded to include all those distinguishing marks so the moles are sure to take the bait. Always be sure to wear gloves when handling the worms so you're nbot leaving your scent behind on the worms.

Answer last updated on: 07/19/2018

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