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Jane writes

Can we use several Nuvan strips in a moving truck to kill bed bugs on a cross country move?

We are moving from FL to TX which will be a 2 day drive & our sofa is infested. We will be leaving mattresses behind because we don't want to bring the bed bugs with us, but we just bought our sofa a year ago & hope to save it. The infestation is mostly in the sofa and we've seen a few in our son's room (leaving his mattress). With the move we don't have the money to treat the house before we go so we were wondering if we can pack all our belongings in a moving truck & use several Nuvan strips in there during the trip. Would that be enough exposure to kill them and would it even be safe to drive in the front of the moving truck?


No, we would not recommend using Nuvan Pro Strips in a vehicle or moving truck that will you and the individuals in your family will come in direct contact with. A  better option would be to use something like SteriFab on the furniture and in the home once you get to your destination.

Answer last updated on: 07/26/2016

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