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C from Howell, Nj writes

Can you clarify perimeter use v. property use?

We have an in ground pool in our backyard that has a partial mahogany deck about 4” from the ground. The deck butts up to large field stones set in the soil surrounding the rest of the perimeter of the pool. Mulch paths and beds of ornamentals landscape the pool going outward from the deck and stones. All types and sizes of ants live under the rocks and deck and are quite a nuisance when we sit on the side of the pool. I see that use of Termidor SC is limited to foundations but I’m wondering if spraying it under and around the perimeter of the rocks and deck would be appropriate, or somehow dangerous. Also, we had several 80’ trees taken down about 8 years ago. The tree service left us a large piece of one of the trees for projects that we never got to and now the wood is disintegrated; it looks like carpenter ants. Would spraying Termidor SC on and around the wood be helpful in killing the nest? The area is about 60’ from our house and removal isn’t an option. We can’t put out any type of bait since our Rottweiler will dig up and eat anything that even remotely smells like food. Don’t know what else to do. Thanks for your input.


Termidor is very limited on the areas it can be used. You are allowed for general insect control to spray only directly against a structure on your property 1-2 feet up and out. You do have the ability to drill holes directly into the dead trunk and inject termidor into the carpenter ant galleries to take care of that infestation. You will need to make sure you keep pets and children away from the treated areas until it has time to dry. If you are looking for a product that you can use more freely around your home for ant control as well as other insects, we would recommend Talstar P. It works extremely well, dries clear, is non-staining and non-irritating, and you have a much wider usage area. Talstar can be sprayed around the foundation of the home, along walkways and driveways, on ornamentals/trees/lawns for insect control as well as indoors around baseboards and crevices. It can also be used in the same method as termidor on the carpenter ant colony in the dead tree. For more information on usage rates and areas you can refer to the product label.

Answer last updated on: 05/09/2013

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