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Esb from Columbus, Oh writes

Can you mix Bifen IT with Mosquito Barrier for an effective monthly treatment??

I typically use Mosquito Barrier for my business, but if I could add some of this in with the Mosquito Barrier I think the Bifen IT can make up for some of the shortcomings of Mosquito Barrier (particularly rainfall).


While you could tank mix the two, the Mosquito Barrier is going to work against the effectiveness of the Bifen I/T for probably at least the first week or two. You are spraying Bifen on surfaces moquitoes would land on and harbor in so that when they touch the treated surface they pick it up on their bodies and die from it. If you are spraying Mosquito Barrier you are using it to repel the mosquitoes away from areas you dont want them or are trying to keep them from harboring. So essentially by mixing the two together, you are repelling the mosquitoes away from the Bifen I/T so it would not affect them. Outside of an initial contact kill the mosquito barrier isn't going to provide killing action for you long term, only repellency. Bifen is actually the better product to use on a consistent basis in main target areas on the property where mosquitoes would be found, and use the Mosquito Barrier around patios and other "hangout" areas to keep them at bay until they have died from landing on the Bifen-treated surfaces.

Answer last updated on: 03/19/2017

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