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Clyde from Garland, Tx writes

Can you recommend a repellent that will keep mice from coming inside?

Mice getting into one side of my two-unit townhouse (rentals). No one else in the immediate area seem to have a problem (only the one unit). How can I best keep the mice from coming into the unit?


Shake Away Mouse Repllent is an organic repellent that helps to get rid of mice. This can be placed around your home, barns, sheds, etc. It is labeled to be used outdoors. Simply place packs anywhere mouse activity is noted or expected, including feeding or nesting sites. Pay particular attention to areas that appear to offer entry to a structure or room. Often a single pack is enough to provide a mouse-free setting for an entire room. The more severe the mouse infestation, the more repellent packs may be necessary to successfully alleviate the problem area. Large areas like basements often require 4 or more repellent packs at a time to keep them mouse free. Packs are still effective well beyond the time they have no detectable odor to humans, since mice have an acute sense of smell.

Answer last updated on: 11/02/2014

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Shake-Away Mouse Repellent

Shake-Away Mouse Repellent

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