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Matthew from Stephenson writes

Can you use Trinity TR Total Release Fungicide on cannabis plants in 3rd week of bloom?


Trinity TR Total Release Fungicide is not labeled for use on cannabis.

EcoVia 3 in 1 Emulsifiable Concentrate is labeled to be used on cannabis crops (where cultivation is allowed by state and/or local law).

Below is a response and a list of other products we carry when we asked an expert what could be used on marijuana plants for insect control and disease control: Customers will need to make their own decision as to what they consider safe. If you are growing plants for sale/distribution, then you can contact your state's Department of Ag for assistance with what products are recommended for use on cannabis in your situation. 

Some of these products are natural and organic and others aren't. Some products, like the miticides, probably shouldn't be used when the plants are flowering. 

· wettable sulfur for fungus, mites, 
· Avid 0.15, Abamectin 0.15, Floramite, Forbid 4F for mites 
· D-Earth for root weevils 
· Evergreen Pyrethrum Concentrate for mites and weevils (OMRI Listed for organic production)
 · Eagle 20EW Specialty Fungicide for fungus
 · Neem oil for fungus and mites


Answer last updated on: 07/01/2021

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