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Carpenter Bee Spray Application

By DoMyOwn staff

Carpenter Bees can cause a large amount of damage to wooden structures. In this video we show you how to properly perform a spray application.

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Video Transcript

It's recommended that you begin spraying areas where carpenter bees have been active in the past during the spring/fall, prior to or as soon as new activity is noticed. Following the usage and dilution rates listed on the insecticide product label that you have chosen, spray any area that has been susceptible to carpenter bee infestations including eaves, siding, fascia boards, railings, posts, fencing and garden landscape fixtures.Spray one time per month as needed during the carpenter bee season.  

NOTE: ***While carpenter bees are solitary bees and don't attack in groups, it's possible that you can be stung while performing a treatment. If you're not allergic but are worried about bee stings you may want to consider purchasing and wearing a bee suit***

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