Cease Biological Fungicide

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Cease Biological Fungicide

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4 Reviews | 6 Q&A

Product Overview

The Cease Biological Fungicide is an OMRI listed fungicide that effectively controls plant leaf diseases. It controls a wide range of both bacterial and fungal pathogens while providing protection to the plant and the environment. This can be applied as a soil drench and plant leaf or leaves spray on trees, shrubs, ornamentals, greenhouse crops, flowering plants and even on vegetables that grow under cover.

Cease is the most effective alternative compared to synthetic chemicals for the use against bacterial diseases and fungal pathogens. Having a four-hour restricted entry interval (REI), and a zero-day pre-harvest interval, it provides growers flexibility and labor costs savings. Cease is also a root bio-fungicide for the prevention, suppression, and control of soil diseases on many vegetables and ornamentals. Cease boosts germination and enhances plant growth by repressing diseases that are caused by Fusarium, Pythium, Rhizoctonia, and Phytophthora.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient QST 713 strain of bacillus subtilis 1.34%
Target pests Pin rot Complex, Bacterial Leaf Spot, Rust, Downy Mildew, Powdery Mildew, Gray Mold, Bacterial Blight, Black Root Rot, Early Blight, etc.
* See label for complete list
For use in For Use On: Ornamentals, Trees, Shrubs, Seedlings, Conifers and Greenhouse Vegetables
Use in: Field, Greenhouses, Glasshouses, Nurseries, Shade Houses, Interiorscapes, Seedling Production and Forest Seedling Production Sites
* See label for complete list
Application Application Rates:
Agricultural Greenhouse: 3 - 6 qt. per 100 gallons per acre

Ornamentals, Trees, Shrubs, Flowering Plants: 2 - 8 qt. per 100 gallons per acre

* See label for complete application instructions
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on label
Formulation Professional Product
Shelf Life 3 years - store between 70F to 75F
Special Features - Can be used on Organic Production
- OMRI Listed
- Only a 4-hour REI
- May be sprayed up to and on the day of harvest
Shipping Weight 9.48 lbs
Manufacturer Bio Works, Inc (Mfg. Number: 75100)
UPC 852109003266
EPA Registration 264-1155-68539


Cease Benefits:

  • Proven efficacy against BOTH fungal and bacterial pathogens
  • Excellent safety – only a 4-hour REI, and can be sprayed up to and on the day of harvest!
  • Leaves virtually NO residues on plant foliage or flowers
  • Performs as well as copper-based products, without phytotoxicity or residues
  • Controls disease using multi-site modes of action for effective resistance management
  • Safe for beneficial insects and bees
  • Compatible for tank-mixing / rotating with other registered products
  • OMRI Listed and NOP-approved for use in organic production
  • Excellent for sustainability and IPM programs

For Foliar Diseases:

Cease is an effective alternative to synthetic chemicals for fungal pathogens such as Botrytis gray mold and powdery mildews, and to coppers for bacterial diseases, such as Pseudomonas, Erwinia and Xanthomonas. With a 4-hour restricted entry interval and a 0-day pre-harvest interval, Cease provides growers flexibility and labor costs savings.

For Soil Diseases:

Cease is also a broad spectrum root bio-fungicide for the prevention, suppression and control of soil borne diseases on a wide range of ornamentals and vegetables. Cease enhances germination and plant growth by suppressing diseases caused by Rhizoctonia, Pythium, Fusarium and Phytophthora.

Diseases Controlled:

Cease controls common fungal diseases such as Botrytis, powdery mildew, Anthracnose and several leaf spot diseases such as Alternaria and Entomosporium. Cease also controls bacterial diseases such as Pseudomonas, Erwinia, and Xanthomonas spp., as well as soil diseases Rhizoctonia, Pythium, Fusarium and Phytophthora.

Mode of Action:

Based on a naturally occurring patented strain of Bacillus subtilis (strain QST 713), Cease contains a group of natural antifungal and antibacterial compounds with multiple modes of action to destroy pathogens. Cease is a valuable addition to any disease control program where resistance development is a concern.

Application Recommendations:

Cease can be applied in greenhouse, field, interiorscape, residential and commercial landscapes and shade house environments on a wide array of ornamentals including bedding plants, potted plants, cut flowers, tropical foliage and container grown trees, shrubs, and vegetables grown under cover. Cease is a fungicide and bactericide. Ideally, it should be used when conditions favor disease development, but before the onset of symptoms. It may also be used at the first sign of disease symptoms. Since Cease controls diseases through multiple modes of action, it is ideally suited for programs aiming to manage resistance. If employing chemical fungicides with a single site of action, it is best to break up the chemical cycle by rotating Cease into the program.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Effective alternative to copper as a fungicidal spray

    By Nate on 06/06/2020

    Used as foliar spray for dogwood anthracnose for two years with good results. This product is marketed as an alternative to copper based fungicides without the long term problems with soil fertility caused by copper. It should not be mixed with copper or with quaternary ammonium disinfectants (Consan, DSV), since they would kill the bacteria QST 713. It can be mixed with foliar fungicides like mancozeb and Daconil, to increase effectiveness against fungal spores. Also had good results using this mixture on cotoneaster fireblight and pine needlecast. The smell of the product is akin to a hot summer garbage can, but is a useful indicator of respirator effectiveness (or lack thereof). The primary drawback is its viscosity which can cause clogging with hand sprayers. If this becomes a problem you might switch to a higher dilution (2.5 Tbsp/gal instead of 5 Tbsp/gal).

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Cease Biological Fungicide

    By Michelle on 11/15/2019

    We have several greenhouses, and we want to make sure that when we ship our plants to our customers, that the leaves are spotless, and the "over health health", of the plant is top notch!!!!. Although, we do rotate with another copper based occasionally, this immediately stops any tiny small black spots. I want to do whatever it takes to make sure everything we sale and ship, is in the best condition & health as possible! And, of course absolutely 100% free of any fungus or any bacteria. This is a new favorite, and I highly recommend using this product if you start to see any slight damage to any leaves, or anything that may look different from your other leaves. This is a great all around product and I will be ordering more as a precautionary maintenance schedule. Thanks for the super fast shipping too!!!

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Works good

    By Brad on 08/22/2020

    I use it to prevent mold and mildew and also an occasional soil drench, seems to be effective.

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  • 1 of 5 Stars

    Not very effected

    By Clarence on 10/02/2020

    Use Potassium bicarbonate better and CHEAPER I purchase the chemical and mixed them with Sodium Laureate Sulfate.

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Questions & Answers

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Does Cease Biological Fungicide work on turfgrass fungus?

Particularly interested in effectiveness against large brown patch disease on Zoysia grass


Cease Biological Fungicide is not labeled to be used on turfgrass. Clearys 3336F Fungicide would be a better option.

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How does Cease Biological Fungicide do on wine grapes?

Vineyard spray management


Cease Biological Fungicide is not labeled for use on grape vines so we cannot recommend it.  Companion Biological Fungicide would be an alternative that could be used.

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Will Cease work on early blight on tomatoes grown in containers?

Cease Biological Fungicide is labeled to treat Early blight on tomatoes under the section for greenhouse crops, stating as follows:
"For suppression, begin application when plants are 4 to 6 inches high. Repeat applications on a 5 to 7 day interval or as needed. For improved performance, use CEASE in a tank mix or rotational program with other registered fungicides for Early and Late blight control. Use shorter spray intervals under conditions conducive to rapid disease development."

However, container grown plants are listed on a different section of the label, with application instructions as follows:
"Indoors, Outdoors, Field, Greenhouse, Nursery Grown Plants:  Apply CEASE at rates ranging from 2-8 quarts of product in 100-300 gallons of water per acre. Make applications on a 3-
to 10-day schedule. Begin applications when conditions favor disease development prior to the onset of disease.  Under normal conditions apply CEASE at a rate of 4 qt of product per 100 gallons of spray solution per acre on a 7-day schedule. When conditions favor severe disease development shorten the spray interval or use a higher rate. Thorough coverage is essential for effective disease control. When more diluted or concentrated spray solutions are needed for the type of equipment being used, follow the “Use Rate Determination” section of this label."

We recommend contacting the manufacturer Bio Works, Inc. directly for further clarification on the distinction between these application instructions at 800-877-9443, or via their website's contact page here.

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Cease - shelf life

I know this has a 3 year shelf life (A gallon is a lot for me but with Serenade off the market) Is that from date of manufacture or after opening? How do I make sure I can get the longest possible shelf life (I know indoor storage in dark 70-75F no problem)

Cease Biological Fungicide will have a shelf life of 3 years (from the date of purchase) if stored properly in a temperature stable environment (between 45 and 75 degrees) and out of direct sunlight.  We get fresh stock in frequently so this item does not sit on our shelves long.

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Does Cease Biological Fungicide treat apple scab?

No, Cease Biological Fungicide is not labeled for apple scab.  Mancozeb Flowable with Zinc Concentrate will take care of apple scab

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