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    Effective alternative to copper as a fungicidal spray

    By Nate on 06/06/2020

    Used as foliar spray for dogwood anthracnose for two years with good results. This product is marketed as an alternative to copper based fungicides without the long term problems with soil fertility caused by copper. It should not be mixed with copper or with quaternary ammonium disinfectants (Consan, DSV), since they would kill the bacteria QST 713. It can be mixed with foliar fungicides like mancozeb and Daconil, to increase effectiveness against fungal spores. Also had good results using this mixture on cotoneaster fireblight and pine needlecast. The smell of the product is akin to a hot summer garbage can, but is a useful indicator of respirator effectiveness (or lack thereof). The primary drawback is its viscosity which can cause clogging with hand sprayers. If this becomes a problem you might switch to a higher dilution (2.5 Tbsp/gal instead of 5 Tbsp/gal).

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    Cease Biological Fungicide

    By Michelle on 11/15/2019

    We have several greenhouses, and we want to make sure that when we ship our plants to our customers, that the leaves are spotless, and the "over health health", of the plant is top notch!!!!. Although, we do rotate with another copper based occasionally, this immediately stops any tiny small black spots. I want to do whatever it takes to make sure everything we sale and ship, is in the best condition & health as possible! And, of course absolutely 100% free of any fungus or any bacteria. This is a new favorite, and I highly recommend using this product if you start to see any slight damage to any leaves, or anything that may look different from your other leaves. This is a great all around product and I will be ordering more as a precautionary maintenance schedule. Thanks for the super fast shipping too!!!

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    Works good

    By Brad on 08/22/2020

    I use it to prevent mold and mildew and also an occasional soil drench, seems to be effective.

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    Not very effected

    By Clarence on 10/02/2020

    Use Potassium bicarbonate better and CHEAPER I purchase the chemical and mixed them with Sodium Laureate Sulfate.

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